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Will Dental Implants Help You Live Longer?

December 15, 2023

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An older man admiring his new dental implants

If you plan to get dental implants, you likely want them for cosmetic reasons. These “ultimate tooth replacements” are great at restoring full grins! Still, the devices can do more than beautify your smile. The truth is that dental implants help you live longer. Once placed, they’ll reduce your risk of certain life-threatening issues. As for the details, let your Flower Mound dentist explain. Here’s a primer on how tooth loss reduces lifespan and implants boost it, as well as other perks of implant treatment.

Tooth Loss Reduces Lifespan

Truthfully, tooth loss affects more than your looks. It has the potential to take years off your life.

For starters, losing teeth is linked to physical decline. It makes healthy foods hard to chew and deprives you of key nutrients. Plus, tooth loss can cause gum disease – a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. To that extent, missing pearly whites may prompt your body to “give out.”

Furthermore, going without teeth worsens your mental health. The issue can lead to feeling sad and ashamed. Over time, such feelings might develop into major depression. You’d then see a big decline in your health and quality of life.

Implants Let You Live Longer

Luckily enough, implants solve the lifespan dilemma. They counter the risks of tooth loss and thus ensure a longer life.

With implants, your physical body will be in better shape. You’ll be free to have tough and healthy food and improve your nutrition. Similarly, implants make gum disease less likely and oral care easier. That means your risk of heart disease and diabetes will also decline.

Of course, implants even act as a confidence booster. They may inspire you to socialize, date, and interact with fun people. From there, your mood will brighten as your life feels better.

What Are Implants’ Other Perks?

All that said, implants do have other perks worth noting. The most popular of these include:

  • Lifelike Results – Compared to other options, implants look and act more like real teeth. They blend so seamlessly with your smile that peers won’t notice they’re artificial.
  • Younger Looks – Implants preserve your jawbone by fusing with your jaw. The result is a face that looks full, vibrant, and youthful.
  • Easier Talking –  It’s hard to talk without all your teeth. However, implants act as great substitutes for your chompers. They’ll let you speak just as clearly as before.
  • Long-Lasting Effects Given their materials, implants often last 15-20 years. With good care, their lifespan can even reach 30 years or more!

Since dental implants help you live longer, they’re worth choosing. Talk to your local dentist about treatment soon!

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