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Dentures – Flower Mound, TX

A Convenient Way to Completely Restore Your Smile

Life without teeth can be difficult. This is especially true if there are multiple gaps throughout your mouth or if an entire arch is gone. Fortunately, an entire grin can be restored with one simple prosthetic. Dr. Song offers both partial dentures and full dentures that patients in Flower Mound can use to eat all their favorite foods again and greet people with a smile during important events. Give Bridlewood Dental of Flower Mound a call today to learn more about the process of getting a full set of dazzling new teeth!

Older man and woman with dentures on golf course

Why Choose Bridlewood Dental of Flower Mound for Dentures?

What are Dentures?

Full and partial denture options

A denture is a special kind of prosthetic meant to replace multiple teeth. The gum-colored base is typically made from acrylic while the teeth themselves will be composed of resin or porcelain; these latter materials can be shaded to very closely match natural tooth enamel. Traditional dentures can be removed, although in some cases they might be permanently fixed in place by dental implants. If you do have a removable denture, it’s recommended that you take it out before bed so that you can give your gums a chance to recover from the stress that was put on them throughout the day.

Most people have likely heard of full dentures, which can replace a full arch of teeth. However, you could also get partial dentures if only a few teeth are missing. Furthermore, depending on how healthy your jaw is, you could give your new teeth additional stability with implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial denture with metal frame

When you still have plenty of healthy teeth in your mouth, full dentures aren’t typically appropriate. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are much more versatile. Depending on their design, they can be used to replace a single tooth, or they might fill in multiple gaps in a single row. The base will include a special framework that attaches to your natural teeth via clasps or similar devices; this is how they’ll stay in place whenever you laugh or bite down on something.

By themselves, partial dentures can’t stop the jawbone from breaking down, which means your mouth might change shape over time. As a result, your partial dentures will eventually need to be adjusted so that they continue to fit perfectly inside your mouth. After several years of use. you may eventually need a new prosthetic entirely. Fortunately, the fitting process is straightforward and painless, and the end results are beautiful.

Full Dentures

Hand holding a full denture

Of course, full dentures remain a reliable option for replacing an entire arch. You don’t have to wait until every single tooth has fallen out on its own; instead, your dentist might recommend having extractions performed as needed.

The base of full dentures will have a different shape depending on whether it’s meant for the upper jaw or the lower jaw. Dentures for the upper jaw will cover the roof of your mouth, but a prosthetic for lower jaw is instead horseshoe shaped so that it doesn’t get in the way of the tongue. In either case, unlike partial dentures, full dentures don’t rely on any kind of attachment to stay in place; they are instead held against the gums by natural suction. However, while you’re getting used to biting and chewing with full dentures, it might help to give them some extra stability by applying a special adhesive.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Model implant retained denture

Partial dentures and full dentures can both rest on dental implants that have been surgically inserted into your jaw. Implants are unique as they interface with the jawbone itself, providing it with stimulation that normally would need to be provided by natural teeth. Said stimulation signals to the rest of the body that jaw is still in use, preventing resorption of the bone. In other words, implants don’t just act as roots for a dental prosthetic; they also help you maintain a stronger, healthier jaw over the long term as well.

Unfortunately, implants aren’t an option for every patient. You need to have a certain level of bone density in your jaw, and you can’t be suffering from gum disease or another oral health issue that could lead to implant failure. Fortunately, these issues can all be addressed with appropriate preparatory procedures such as bone grafting or a periodontal treatment.

Benefits of Dentures

Woman showing her healthy smile with dentures

Taking Care of Dentures

Hand holding glass of water with dentures

Do you want to make sure that you get the most out of your dentures? Don’t forget to follow these special maintenance tips:

Cost of Dentures

Man with dentures pointing to smile

The numerous benefits of dentures are well worth the price. Thanks to your new teeth, your overall quality of life will increase, and you can eat and speak with confidence that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. In the case of partial dentures, you can prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of place. Drifting teeth can cause numerous oral health issues and lead to costly procedures, so it’s best to avoid the issue entirely. 

So, what exactly will you pay for your new teeth? That answer depends on your unique situation. Full dentures and partial dentures tend to fall within a similar price range, but the cost of partial dentures will vary depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. And of course, the price of both kinds of dentures will change significantly if you end up receiving dental implants as well. Schedule a consultation with us today so that we can help you sort through these variables and narrow down the final cost of your new smile.

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